Surplus, Equipment, and Asset Buyer Carlstadt NJ

Davis Exporters is the best choice to sell your industrial equipment, surplus, and other assets. Why?

Davis Exporters specializes in buying used industrial equipment…and that includes buying paper mills, bull dozers, capacitors, and the list goes on and on! Our capabilities include equipment pick up, regardless of equipment size or your business location.

That’s the Davis Exporters difference.

We don’t limit our equipment buying because of geography or equipment size. We are equipped and available to pick-up difficult-to-transport equipment in the most remote locations. Because of our years of experience and strategic partnerships, no equipment pick-up is too small or large.

Thinking of Selling? Call Davis Exports Today.

When it comes time to sell your assets, choose Davis Exporters for high-value returns and 24-hour service. With our stellar service history expertise, there’s just no reason to trust your job to rookies - or to sit on idle machinery that could be cash.

To find out more about selling your assets, contact us online or call us at 1-866-767-7740. Same day, rush service is available.

We Buy:

Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Bus Plugs, Disconnects, Distribution Panels, Switch Gear, Motor Control, Excavators, Motor Scrapers, Generators, Air Compressors, Cranes, Bulldozers, Backhoes, Skip Loaders, Wind Farm, Paper Mills, Metal Working Equipment, Industrial Chillers, Industrial Heat Exchangers, Gas Processing Equipment - and much more!