Sell Surplus Electrical Disconnects

electrical disconnect square d 400 amp

Davis Exporters buys any and all types of electrical disconnects. If you’re letting your old used or non-working disconnects and switches sit idly by, we’ll help you sell electrical disconnects! Free up some much needed space in your facility, and recover sizeable assets at the same time.

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Sell Electrical Disconnects – Any Size, Any Condition

sell electrical disconnects, we buy any and all types of disconnects

We specialize in helping the industrial and electrical industries liquidate their surplus equipment and recover lost or idle assets. It’s easy to get a price estimate on your electrical disconnects, or any other surplus electrical or industrial equipment. Just take a photo of your items, then send them to us through our contact form.

You can also email us directly, just send your message and photos to

Any and all electrical disconnects, including:
  • Siemens, Square D, Cuttler Hammer, and all other major brands.
  • Fused and non-fused electrical disconnects.
  • All wattages and amperages
  • New, used, working, or non-working.