Pulp and Paper Mill Surplus Buyers

Davis Exporters purchases any and all types of pulp and paper mill surplus and overstock equipment. We’re committed to providing fair value to our customers, as well as total convenience – we arrange for all logistics and get your paper mill surplus moved within 24 hours.

paper mill surplus buyers and liquidation services

We also provide complete pulp and paper mill liquidation and dismantlement services. We serve mills in our local southern Califonria area, as well as across the entire Untied States.

If you’re looking for a paper mill liquidation and asset recovery services that won’t give you the run around, call Davis Exporters today:

  (866) 767-7740

Any & All Types of Pulp & Paper Mill Surplus.

Does your paper mill have old, unused, or non-working machinery and equipment taking up valuable space in your facility? We buy all of the the following, and more! We also arrange for all shipping and logistics at no extra cost.

pulp and paper mill surplus equipment buyers
  • Coaters
  • Conveyors
  • Dryer Drums
  • Electrical Supplies
  • Evaportators
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Lab Supplies and Equipment
  • Paper Machines
  • Pressure Screens
  • Stainless Steel Equipment
  • Steam Turbine Generators