How Are Electronics Recycled? As laptops, phones and televisions become more prominent, more and more electronics are wearing out. Since electronics are a little more complicated than a plastic wrapper or a banana peel, they should be disposed of properly, which has brought up the practice of e-recycling. Advantages of Electronics Recycling Instead of tossing […]

How Does a Wind Turbine Work? We’ve all felt the wind on our face. Maybe it was at the beach, or maybe it was just a rare windy day in your neighborhood. But we’ve all felt that invisible energy rushing past us. With the rising search for clean and useful energy, wind turbines are becoming […]

What is an AC Generator? Perhaps you know that a generator’s basic purpose is to generate electricity—specifically, it converts motion into electricity. But when it comes to technical terms and generator differences, you might be lost. So, what exactly is an AC generator? What does the “AC” even stand for? “Alternating Current” Generators Those two […]

Perhaps you’ve heard there are different types of circuit breakers and have come across what is called an air circuit breaker. Certainly, a circuit breaker is a circuit breaker, but what sets this one apart from the others? How is an Air Circuit Breaker Different? To understand how an air circuit breaker is different, you […]

How to Recycle Scrap Metal? Scrap metal might look like junk, but some people know that it can be valuable. Businesses with scrap metal in their warehouses can recycle it and earn some money. Individuals can collect and recycle scrap metal as a means of extra income. When scrap metal is recycled, it’s kept out […]

In this day and age, there is the common idea to save electricity wherever possible. Not only is it beneficial financially, but it’s also helpful for cutting back on pollution and keeping our earth and air as clean as possible. There are the usual ideas about turning off lights and other electrical items, but turning […]

At times we find ourselves in situations where we can’t get rid of certain things in life and electrical items are one of them. It’s important that people properly dispose of electrical appliances. We tend to buy some just for the sake of buying it and sometimes for its purpose. Some appliances tend to work […]

Where to Recycle Electrical Goods? Search for ‘recycling for charity’ online and you’ll see that this is big business, so to speak. From printer cartridges and batteries to washing machines, mobile phones and fridge freezers, you can recycle almost anything and if you choose the right method you’ll be helping the environment and the charity […]

Let Davis Exporters in Riverside, California assist you in all your asset recovery needs. We handle asset recovery for metal, industrial equipment, machinery, electrical equipment, and much more. We’ve worked closely with large industrial organizations, power plants, paper mills, mines and quarries, and others to help them recover thousands in potentially lost assets. We pay […]


We Buy Used Oil Processing Equipment Sell your new and used oil refinery, chemical plant and mining equipment. We come to your location and pay you on the spot! Don’t waste your time, call the professionals today. We make it easy!   (866) 767-7740 Davis Exporters buys and recycles all types of oil-processing equipment, including: Heat […]